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  • Parrot Food Cooking Instruction for "Feast on the Fly"

    At Bird Street Bistro, all of our parrot food blends are made with different ingredient which may require different amounts of water and cooking times. Below is the Bird Street Bistro guide on how to cook each blend.
  • Your Parrot and Other Pets

    Maybe you have cats or dogs or other animals, and are thinking about getting a parrot. Maybe you have a parrot, but miss having a cat and wonder if your pets could get along. Maybe you have multiple pets already, and are wondering how they interact. In any case, it all boils down to one question; is it safe to have my parrot with other pets?
  • Bird Street Bistro Frequently Asked Questions

    We receive various questions from people looking to try Bird Street Bistro for the first time. In order to help answer these questions, in one place, we decided to create the Bird Street Bistro Frequently Asked Questions List.

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