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Bird Street Bistro proudly supports environmentally responsible farmers and suppliers with eco-friendly practices. We support recycling efforts by using recycled paper and earth-friendly biodegradable shipping supplies whenever possible.

Gabby's Got Mail!

Best Food for Pigeons

Meet Bird Street Bistro customer Becky's bird Gabby, a parrotlet. "He knows EXACTLY what comes out of this box...his food!" says Becky. "I brought this in today, and he was so excited he flew up on it and waited for an hour for me to open it for him. Thanks for making such a great product! All four of my parrotlets love it!" - Becky M.

Thanks Becky for this terrific photo. Bird Street Bistro birds are amazing!

Best Food for Parakeets

Best Food for Macaws

Best Food for Cockatiels

Bird Street Bistro - Best Food for Conures
Extraordinary Foods for Extraordinary Birds. Naturally.

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       Organic and All Natural Foods for Exotic Birds

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What makes the best cooked bird food?
Organic and All Natural Foods for Exotic Birds
At Bird Street Bistro, we think that the best cooked bird food is one designed with your bird's health and quality of life as priorities. That means using only human grade ingredients with no fillers, additives, sulfites, preservatives, artificial colors, sugars, salt or flavorings added. It means using only the freshest, highest quality all natural whole grains, fruits, vegetables and organic ingredients you would hand pick yourself.

When we say our products are "all natural", we take those words to heart. No powdered flavorings that can mean added sodium. No fruits with preservatives, sugars or coloring added. Natural really does mean natural here at Bird Street Bistro. Bird parents can feel confident knowing there are no hidden ingredients in our products. Birds of all sizes are crazy about our irresistible avian vet recommended products! Bird Street Bistro blends cook in as little as 3 minutes. You will be amazed how easy it is to bring delicious, high quality nutrition to the birds you love.

Bird Street Bistro blends are designed to enhance the health and life of your feathered companion. The variety of textures and tastes in our blends encourages healthy, natural foraging instincts. All our recipes are flock-tested and bird parent approved. The small size pieces in all of our blends make our foods perfect for all birds, from Parakeets to Macaws.

At Bird Street Bistro, we're serving up fast and easy to prepare all natural healthy goodness for your bird.

Come on over to Bird Street Bistro - no reservations required!

What our Customers are saying...

I have 5 birds. An umbrella cockatoo, blue front amazon, sun conure, green cheek conure and a senegal. They eat fruits, veggies, pellets, small seed mixture and Bird Street Bistro. I cook up a weeks worth of their Bistro and they get it when we eat our dinner. They all start to tell me when it is time for their dinner. I put their portions into their bowls and their beaks are reaching for their bowls to pull them in.

They are at the Vet every six months and all are very healthy. I swear by this food as an addition to any bird's diet. It is healthy and natural and I buy a 9 lb bag very often and it comes so quick, I know I will not run out as I get down to the final weeks worth.

BRAVO Bird Street Bistro.
--Bonnie P.
I have to tell you that you are awesome! My bird loves the food, and my order arrives so fast that I have to imagine there is magic involved! Thank you.
My parrots enjoy all of the Bird Street Bistro products. I recommend buying the Super Sampler pack so that you can try all of the products and see which of these great mixes your parrots like the best...this is a company you can trust!
--Sally Blanchard, Companion Parrot
Just got my order yesterday and cooked up the new AppleBerry Feast-on-the-Fly. As predicted, my Gray went crazy about it at breakfast this morning!
--Terry T.
I want to let you know that I received the Combo Pack and I was very impressed with the packaging, it looked like a present with the red and white ribbon! My birds go nuts for the mix that I am currently trying. I love the idea of having a variety of flavors so I can rotate my birds through different formulations. Really great service and to receive my order Priority Mail was terrific! I am a very happy customer!
I am consistently looking for new foods to use as positive reinforcers for requested behaviors. I was glad to see Francis enjoying Bird Street Bistro's CinnaSpice Delight. It is comforting to see her training for a healthy reward!
--Lara Joseph
I am very impressed and excited to see cookable parrot food again at a reasonable price. I have spent many years cooking my own meals for my parrots and your ingredients are right on!...Keep up the good work and we wish you the best of luck with your tasty and nutritious products!
--Buffalo Parrot
I started feeding Packer and Buffy "Fiesta Feast on the Fly" this week and every day when I come home the bowl is empty.
It has been stamped with the Bird of Approval!!
Bird Street Bistro is a product that was created with a great deal of intelligent thought. It is fast, easy, nutritious and birds love it. It has no fillers, no junk food, and is great for birds of all sizes, from finches to macaws.
With so many unhealthy treats on the market today, I highly recommend Bird Street Bistro as a healthy alternative.
Karen Goodman, Owner
African Grey Bird Shop
Denver, CO
In the News...

Did you know that even if sulfiting agents and other additives and preservatives do not appear on the ingredient list of a product, you still can't be sure that the ingredients in the product have not been treated with those additives? According to an article by Susan Westmoreland, Food Director for Good Housekeeping
"...Federal law requires that sulfite information be clearly stated on labels, but a few years ago we investigated how strictly this rule is enforced. Our findings? The New York City stores we visited were buying dried fruit in bulk and then repackaging it or selling it from bins without labeling. More than half of the samples we tested at that time contained sulfites, and, we suspect, that's probably still the case." (Westmoreland) Read more...

Rocky loves his Bird Street Bistro!

Best Food for Cockatoos

Rocky is a Moluccan Cockatoo, and one of our amazing Bird Street Bistro customers. Rocky was a shelter animal who found his way to Lara Joseph. Rocky loves his Bird Street Bistro so much! He likes fresh broccoli, so Lara sometimes adds a little to his dish. Visit our Bird Street Bistro Recipes page for more healthy and deliciously creative recipe ideas.

Lara Joseph is the owner of The Animal Behavior Center located in Sylvania, Ohio. The Animal Behavior Center is an international, educational facility focusing on providing education to animal owners and caretakers using applications in behavior analysis and functional use of positive reinforcement.

Rocky came to Lara with a very small list of reinforcers for her to work with. By building Rocky's list of reinforcers, including petting and attention, Lara was able to decrease his screaming and abnormal repetitive behaviors, and his separation anxiety. Rocky is now one of the most well-behaved parrots at The Animal Behavior Center. "What a gem someone lost, and the shelters are filled with these gems" says Lara. Rocky is the ambassador behind The Animal Behavior Center.

Best Food for Parrots (Rocky at his first Children's Program)

Best Food for Conures
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